Blue Flower

Their first and primary passion in life is for God and his Kingdom. Our living is embedded in a deep personal relationship with Christ nurtured in prayer.

It is Secular life, not Religious life, because the manner of living their consecration differs. Members:

  • may live alone or with family rather than in a common residence with other members
  • undertake ordinary work ~ there are not necessarily specified works of the institute; members can work in their chosen professional field
  • members do not necessarily have the title of "Brother" or "Sister", they do not necessarily have a designated form of dress; in fact a certain discretion in their identification maybe appropriate

Secular Institutes embrace the world as the place where God dwells and seeks to be known:

  • initiated as a way of consecrating oneself to God by St Angela Merici in 1535;
  • this way of living formally acknowledged as that of Secular Institutes by Pope Pius XII in 1947
  • and claimed to be "the vocation of the new millenium".

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"The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us" - John 1:14